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Reviews and Praise

"That’s my friends what I call the perfect book to snatch you out from a reading slump!"

-thebook_hoverer (Goodreads)

"Ash was an exciting and quick read, filled with inspiring messages and strong role-models."

-thecrooked_bookshelf (Goodreads)

"After all the stuffed and crammed books with lots of details and excessive descriptions this one felt like a breath of fresh air. The writing is light and without pretentious words.
Easy to read, fast paced and full of action."

-Caesara (Goodreads)

"The story is action-packed with an immersive plot, centered in magical realism."

-Hayley (Goodreads)

"I highly suggest it for all ages, but seeing how the main characters were (mostly) in their young teens, I’d say it would be geared towards middle school, but it’s still plenty enjoyable for older people!"

-Sage Ashton (Goodreads)

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