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Book One - Ash

"It's only make-believe if you don't believe."

Journeys of the Immortal follow the travels of Sam, a twelve-year-old girl, who is having to grow up faster than she should as she comes face-to-face with legendary creatures once thought to be only myths. Sam quickly learns that magic is not just for other realms but is a reality on Earth as well.


Sam’s story begins in Ash, where everything she thought was impossible proves real, and sets her on a journey that will change her life, and those of whom she loves, forever.


Jack, a Bigfoot expert, drags his disbelieving daughter on a field expedition, accompanied by his best friend Charlie, an alien hunter, and his three sons; their first trip since her mother died 18 months earlier. Sam soon discovers a cave containing a nest of unknown origin, which her dad, believes to be evidence of Bigfoot. Charlie dismisses the discovery and quickly spirals out of control, insisting the evidence points to aliens. In his greed and anger, he sabotages Jack's work, but not before Sam discovers that neither Bigfoot or aliens are responsible for the nest. What lies inside makes Sam a believer in all things magic.


Charlie, upon learning the truth about the cave and nest, does everything in his power to capture the elusive creature named Ash. Sam stops at nothing to ensure Ash’s safety; helping him return home from the mortal realm while learning to control her newfound powers.


Book Two - Ijiraq

"She knew of the legend of the Raven-Wolf Queen—a legend she was destined to fulfill."

Sam, now 14, and nearly two years removed from her encounter with the phoenix Ash, visits her mother's ancestral home in the far reaches of northern British Columbia. Along the way, her dad reveals several revelations about her late mom...and about her.

Unsure of who she is anymore, Sam is introduced to her grandmother, the chief of the Tahltan tribe. With hopes of finding answers, Sam is left with only more questions.

Now, she must help her newfound tribe which is under attack from the Ijiraq: vile, shape-shifting monsters which prey on children to maintain their immortality.

Can Sam find herself while also saving her people? What of the revelation that she is the prophesied savior—the Raven-Wolf Queen?

Don't forget to check out Ash: Journeys of the Immortal—Book One to discover how Sam's journey begins!

Ijiraq is the second offering in the Journeys of the Immortal series which follows Sam, who is forced to grow up faster than she should as she comes face-to-face with legendary creatures once thought to be only myths.



Joel Thomas Feldman is a husband, father, military veteran, engineer, and author. With a bachelor’s degree in TV/Film, and master’s in Strategic Intelligence, Joel has spent his career working in and around the U.S. Air Force. Now, after 20+ years, he has returned to his true passion of writing, with his Journeys of the Immortal series. Joel lives in Southern California with his wife, Michaela; and their two children, Jack and Thais.

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